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Zhang, Y., S. Soni, T. L. Krijger, P. Gordiichuk, X. Qiu, G. Ye, H. T. Jonkman, A. Herrmann, K. Zojer, E. Zojer, et al., "Tunneling Probability Increases with Distance in Junctions Comprising Self-assembled Monolayers of Oligothiophenes", Journal of the American Chemical Society, no. ja, pp. ASAP, 2018.
Zhang, Y., X. Qiu, P. Gordiichuk, S. Soni, T. L. Krijger, A. Herrmann, and R. C. Chiechi, "Mechanically and Electrically Robust Self-Assembled Monolayers for Large-Area Tunneling Junctions", The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 121, issue 27, pp. 14920–14928, 2017.  (2.16 MB)
Gordiichuk, P., D. Pesce, O. E. Castañ Ocampo, A. Marcozzi, G-J. A. H. Wetzelaer, A. Paul, M. Loznik, E. Gloukhikh, S. Richter, R. C. Chiechi, et al., "Orientation and Incorporation of Photosystem I in Bioelectronics Devices Enabled by Phage Display", Advanced Science, pp. 1600393–n/a, 01/2017.  (1.18 MB)
Ocampo, O. E. Castañ, P. Gordiichuk, S. Catarci, D. A. Gautier, A. Herrmann, and R. C. Chiechi, "The Mechanism of Orientation-dependent Asymmetric Charge Transport in Tunneling Junctions Comprising Photosystem I", Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 127, issue 36, no. ja, pp. 8419–8427, 06/2015.
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