This is homepage for the Chiechi Group at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.   About The Group Our research combines organic-materials synthesis with nanofabrication and self-assembly to explore new chemistry, techniques, and phenomena in electro-active materials. Our main philosophy is sustainability through simplicity: we are bridging the gap between physics, engineering, and chemistry by developing simple tools that allow for systematic studies of new molecules on the bench-top. There are three main tools in our arsenal: 1) the chemistry of organic materials, 2) nanoskiving, and 3) tunneling junctions comprising self-assembled monolayers. Currently we are focusing these tools on molecular electronics, photovoltaics, and conjugated polymers. • Molecular Electronics: We are developing new ways to contact ensembles of molecules on the micro scale, and collections of single molecules on the nanometer scale using EGaIn and Nanoskiving. • Photovoltaics: We are investigating new ideas for organic materials for the next generation of excitonic solar cells. • Conjugated Polymers: We are investigating new concepts in the synthesis and processing of conjugated polymers and the role of charges in their solubility.  
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