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The labels can be printed in large quantities and added to food and cosmetics packaging, the scientists say
Astronomy terms and monster names sound surprisingly similar
This week’s top Science news
Officials have already said six of 20 sites under review won't be touched
Eclipses as far back as 150 B.C.E. have led to key scientific discoveries
Internal agency report cites problems with implementing 2007 law aimed at curbing scientific misconduct
Researchers track an elusive virus in the rainforest
Lubricant could help keep boats and underwater equipment safe from mussels
On this week’s show: A close look at brown dwarf atmospheres, plus a roundup from the daily news site
Process-driven math seeks to teach disabled students using sound, not sight
Process-driven math seeks to teach disabled students using sound, not sight
Guidance memo for 2019 budget marks sharp break from Obama priorities
Oil and gas drilling and deforestation can lead to problematic contacts
Spanish researchers create an ecological island free of the American mink, a fierce competitor
Three finalists compete for 2019 selection in mid-sized Explorer program
Find adds evidence that these were a complex people
New elastomer construction techniques could make use of soft robots more widespread
Find also poses climate puzzle
The epidemic is gone, but the virus will return—and a vaccine is still badly needed
Clues to ancient atmosphere found in bubbles trapped in Antarctic samples


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