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Science chats with the filmmaker who brought Ötzi the mummy back to life
Study of people who lived after 1976 outbreak may provide hope for combatting the disease
Distrust is a potential obstacle to consumer acceptance of autonomous vehicles
Many questions remain about the impact of autonomous vehicles on our lives
Questioning our assumptions on autonomous vehicles, and dolphins and whales that can protect themselves from loud noise
Study suggests environment can have a significant impact on fish personality
New transparent polymer has the potential to be used everywhere polymer glass is
Work suggests potential therapies for memory loss
Sound levels make such venues even worse for the hearing impaired
U.S.-Afghan partnership identifies thousands of archaeological sites, a first step toward protecting them
Senior research leaders struggle to define relationship with a president whose policies they oppose
Mouse study offers clues for how to selectively destroy immune cells behind the tough-to-treat condition
Researchers reconstruct climate record back nearly 6000 years
Mothers living near natural gas fracking wells are likelier to have small babies
Congressional watchdog flags attempted $91 million cut to the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy’s current budget
Acid rain may have weakened rock in the 2009 Jiweishan landslide
Samples caught in Burmese amber provide clues to the evolution of the parasites and their hosts
Gigantic penguins may have evolved more than once
Youthful rings point to a cataclysmic collision in the past few hundred million years
Officials may have been trying to protect scientists


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