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UKRI will seek to provide a voice for science, foster interdisciplinary research, and kick-start the economy
Device tracks what you eat
The rare observation was captured at a depth of 800 meters around Portugal’s Azores islands
The key lies at the microscopic level—in the length of individual hair cells
Lawmakers criticize agency for withholding some information
Measure blocks changes to National Institutes of Health clinical trials policy and overhead payments, drops fetal tissue limits
Stories on a possible cause for severe morning sickness and how a mother mouse's care for her pups might trigger changes to the genomes in their brain cells
A curious federal judge gets lengthy tutorial in unusual hearing
The National Institutes of Health gets $3 billion increase, and other agencies get raises, too
Staff at centers for solar energy research and oceanography raise alarm
Extensive DNA sequencing reveals mutations which may explain skeleton’s odd appearance
Scientists propose reflecting sun's rays with salt
NIH get $3 billion boost, and other agencies get raises too
New finding could jump-start efforts to produce fuels with microbes
Microsoft founder Bill Gates just one of his ardent fans
Scientists use soil-based DNA to track snakes for the first time
Two groups point to a protein as a trigger for pregnancy's vomiting and nausea
Robert Redfield is a veteran HIV/AIDS researcher and clinician
Review triggered by news story suggesting federal employees violated policy on seeking outside funds
Vaccine-triggered immunity fades over time


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