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Cubs leave home at various times
Hydrogel adhesive fuses hard-to-bond materials like elastics and hydrogels
Rick Perry distances himself from Trump’s proposal for deep cuts at DOE
This week’s top Science news
Slow reproduction compounds impacts of poaching and habitat loss
On this week’s show: Why bird eggs come in all different shapes, plus a roundup from the daily news site
Researchers crack a centuries-old mystery
Companies like World View try to do for balloons what SpaceX has done for rockets
Diversity among ribosomes could explain rare disease linked to the organelles
Icy bodies show no sign of giant’s gravitational influence
Xing Lida hopes to map Asian dinosaur habitats
Rare, high-altitude airglow can be brightened by weather patterns
Unusual courtship behavior may be a rare example of sex role reversal
Machine learning meets the political machine
New software lets Curiosity take science into its own hands
A new study is set to end a long-running debate among virus ecologists
Biologist Yoshinori Watanabe publishes extensive response
Alexander Rudnicky explains how this technology helps us—and might learn from us
PLATO, LISA get green light from European Space Agency
“Optical neural networks” could one day power autonomous cars, data centers


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