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Colleagues call demographer’s findings flawed and irresponsible
Spider silk products are finally edging into the market, but mass-produced, superstrong fibers remain out of reach
Agency administrator says he'll soon issue directive
Agency staff wanted initiative on firearms violence to continue
Biomass of bugs in nature reserves has dropped by 82%
Rigid marine invertebrates use protein matrices to grow complex crystals
Funding squeeze has hampered development of cost-saving technologies
Bees’ color preference drives flowers to evolve a blue glow
New version of AlphaGo needs no examples to learn complex board game
Eruptions reduced annual Nile floods, causing catastrophic crop failures and social upheaval
Semantic Scholar search tool expands to include biomedical science literature
As expected, cosmic cataclysm is a scientific gold mine
New museum looks for academic respect amid links to looted artifacts, possibly forged texts, and a proselytizing mission
Conflict-shy dogs never learn how to cooperate
National waiting period from 1994–98 saw a 17% drop in gun homicides
Move marks second time the United States has left the organization
Newly discovered “eye cycle” reveals how cells get their energy
Agency expected to announce its verdict on company’s gene therapy by early 2018
Dogs may be good models for sleep studies
Former Texas regulator expected to bring big changes to Council on Environmental Quality


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