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New lawmakers say they’re ready to apply science to policymaking
Phobos’s odd shape and gravity make travel a challenge
In coming decades, climate change will skew that statistic even further
On this week’s show: a contender for the darkest year of the darkest age and a review of what we know about fasting, metabolism, and aging
Glacier cores reveal Icelandic volcano that plunged Europe into darkness
Researchers correlate arrival of Lyft and Uber to increase in fatal accidents
Turning astrocytes into neurons improves symptoms in preliminary mouse studies
New finding may shed light on the evolution of language
Researchers relied on flawed methods
The 31-kilometer-wide Hiawatha crater may have formed as recently as 12,800 years ago when a 1.5-kilometer asteroid struck Earth
Barnard’s star b is just 6 light-years away
Study of fossil bones reveals same relatively low rate of skull fracture as modern humans
Studies of single cells reveal complex interactions as placenta forms
Antlia 2 rivals the Large Magellanic Cloud in size but is a puzzle for theorists
New chairperson promises “to restore the credibility” of committee
A Democratic majority means new leadership for a troubled panel
Immunotherapy drugs target molecule that speeds cancer growth in overweight people
Cold plasma experiments reveal the chemical processes that precede the flytrap’s snapping
Farmers need better testing and biosecurity, too
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