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And at NASA, nearly 200 postdocs furloughed
Loss of genetic diversity could threaten global supply
This week’s top Science news
Impasse has stopped air flights critical to sustaining satellite records
The downsized Bears Ears monument is just beginning to reveal its secrets
Epidemiologist Nicholas Thomson tackles a tough topic
Canadian biologists capture animal for controversial conservation effort
U.S. district judge rules against putting citizenship question on 2020 census
On this week’s show: Researchers combat conspiracy theories during Ebola outbreaks, and new data from Saturn’s Cassini mission reveal how that planet’s interior differs from fellow gas giant Jupiter’s
Dueling spacecraft use gravity to see inside giant planets
The past 300 million years saw 2.5 times more impacts than expected
New technique sweeps sheets of light through enlarged brain tissue for a detailed view
Project manager for NEON apologizes for his “error” in dissolving the committee
Historic spending impasse creating chaos for researchers
Parliament rejects Theresa May’s Brexit deal, bringing United Kingdom closer to March cliff edge
Learning framework detects abstract differences in images and re-create them in real life
Spare genetic sequences could help the fungi conserve resources in lean times
Compound that normalizes flow of proteins in cells will now be tested in a clinical trial for ALS
Trial suggests patients’ own stem cells could help in the relapsing form of the disease
Drag forces in the water rapidly unfurl their slimy fibers, new study suggests


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