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Honey bees can add and subtract using colors as symbols
But aging cosmic ray experiment may never explain the mystery of extra antimatter
New bot could be a step toward artificial “common sense”
3D-printed pregnant fish show that bigger fish face stronger drag forces
New fossils push back the roo’s distinctive gait by 10 million years
Findings could help grub farmers using human food waste to produce larvae-based chicken feed
President’s proposal aligns with policies pursued by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
Nearly 200 researchers sign letter opposing project
Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson (D–TX), its new chairwoman, picks newcomers to head subcommittees
“Supershear” earthquake on a common kind of fault could raise hazard risks
Researchers find certain bacteria may make compounds that affect mental well-being
Vote early (but not often) for the 2018 winner
Analysis offers new explanation for mysterious “stall” in fertility rates in some countries


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