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Massive impact could have led to formation of simple organic molecules and eventually RNA
Commercial whaling will replace a controversial research program, but the market for whale meat is declining
On this week’s show: why Massive Open Online Courses now offer professional master’s degree programs, and how a blue pigment in the dental plaque of a medieval woman alludes to women’s early involvement in manuscript production
The wood-munching insects boost soil moisture in rainforests and help seedlings survive
Studies of jelly embryos suggest a single ancient origin of the nervous system from secretory cells
NSF-funded national facility suffers latest blow as it prepares to begin operations
There are too few of them to do the trick, data suggest
Flecks of blue show female scribe used lapis lazuli, a pigment “more expensive than gold”
In animal experiments, computer-designed variant of interleukin-2 improves the natural version
Haul from new radio array includes a second repeating fast radio burst
New way of tracking environmental history may be more accurate in certain environments
Researchers object to a metric that was easy to manipulate
Study sheds light on healthy, yet violent, living conditions in region
Representatives Eddie Bernice Johnson (D–TX) and Frank Lucas (R–OK) of House science committee seek common federal policy
Deep learning program creates list of likely conditions based on facial markers
Effects ripple across research community
Planet is one of three small orbs spied by a recently launched NASA satellite


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