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Historic spending impasse creating chaos for researchers
Parliament rejects Theresa May’s Brexit deal, bringing United Kingdom closer to March cliff edge
Learning framework detects abstract differences in images and re-create them in real life
Spare genetic sequences could help the fungi conserve resources in lean times
Compound that normalizes flow of proteins in cells will now be tested in a clinical trial for ALS
Trial suggests patients’ own stem cells could help in the relapsing form of the disease
Drag forces in the water rapidly unfurl their slimy fibers, new study suggests
Large international survey will assess status of krill
Successor to the Large Hadron Collider would stretch 100 kilometers and cost €9 billion
Advisory panel needs to be reinstated and strengthened, letter argues
New contract gives researchers access to Wiley’s journals and makes their papers open access
Armed conflict and political tensions stoke rumors and misinformation about the outbreak
If the findings hold, they could have dramatic implications for sea level rise
Scientists say microbiome is a surprisingly accurate biological clock
June discovery could be birth of a neutron star--or something entirely unprecedented
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