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Thirty Meter Telescope and Giant Magellan Telescope will offer “public access” in hopes of winning support
The Chinese giant salamander is actually five distinct species, all of which are virtually extinct in the wild
2015 BZ509 has a weird orbit, likely because it is an interstellar interloper
Trees and other greenery make up 80% of all biomass
Representative John Culberson (R–TX) says accelerated spending on big new facilities lowers cost and hastens scientific payoff
Study of the sea giants’ genetic diversity comes to surprising conclusion
A new class of drugs is finally offering relief for some who frequently suffer these powerful headaches.
Fall also served in Obama White House
Mikhail Kotyukov headed the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations, which seized control of the Russian Academy of Sciences’s property after 2013 reform
Advisory committee says there’s no “significant” threat yet of cross-border spread
This week’s top Science news
Conference papers and open-review websites win favor
Study of 2 million New Yorkers suggests heritability for hundreds of conditions


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