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This week’s top Science news
Extra-heavy calcium isotope may herald higher limits for nuclear binding
Even after he was asked to stop, Francisco Ayala repeatedly directed unwelcome attention toward women, university found
Steven Dillingham’s strong credentials may be secondary to partisan fight over President Donald Trump’s policies
When particle physics was in chaos, his discovery of a key particle brought clarity
Odd trend stems from the icy continent’s extreme conditions
Electron microscopy offers synapse-level view of the largest whole brain to date
Vivli aims to ease sharing of anonymized clinical studies
The proposal, which the administration could carry out without Congress's approval, faces opposition from environmental groups
Adversarial attacks highlight lack of security in machine learning algorithms
A cheap one-dose antibiotic treatment might wipe yaws, a forgotten disease, off the face of the planet
Bioengineered leaves could change color in response to dangerous compounds
On this week’s show: how mouth anatomy reveals the evolutionary history of suckling, and why researchers think gravity waves may be responsible for clearing immense clouds


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